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What's good fam?

I am a New York-based Puerto Rican music producer.

I've been producing music for over 10 years now.  I started out in my high school bedroom, recording my own covers, originals and remixes.  I taught myself Logic Pro and basic recording techniques from YouTube.

I quickly realized my passion for producing when I started working with friends and family.  The moment when I would share the finished track with them, and hear how much they loved it, made my heart sing.

After high school, I studied philosophy and ran track & field at SUNY Cortland.  I then went on to transfer to Full Sail University, where my knowledge in fundamental recording and professional studio techniques grew.

In my first job, I worked for John Storyk of Walter-Storyk Design Group, an architectural-acoustician.  I assisted with room tunings in major studios across NYC.  Tuning control rooms in Electric Lady Studios, Jungle City Studios and Quad Recording Studios.

Listening to music on these systems not only solidified my passion for quality sound, but also trained my ears to understand the subtle differences that make a professional track sound professional.

Now, my goal is to produce for those who share the same core values as me and who are looking to share their music with the world.  I'm also extremely intrigued by this new Web3, crypto/NFT space and want to learn where I can add the most value.

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